Road Report #12 – Holidays in South Carolina

Well, I’m way behind on keeping up on blog posts.  Turning out to be not so good at this blogging thing.  Anyway…

My goal had been to at least make it to my parents’ house in Aiken, SC in time for Thanksgiving and I managed to do that, rolling into town on 11/20.  December was spent hanging out with family, taking little side trips and taking a nice break from the road.

Aiken is a neat little town.  Quaint, historic and with a rich tradition in horses.

My mom on Gresham, far left at the Thanksgiving Day hunt.

Both Roo and I were VERY happy to be taking a break from van life and it was good to stay put and get into a regular daily routine again.

Roo on one of our daily walks thru the fields.  Best part of out day!

Early December, I went off to visit friends on Kiawah Island  for a few days.  Mornings started with a sunrise romp on the beach with Roo.  Evenings ended with a sunset romp on the beach with Roo.    During the days we tooled around the island or explored Charleston.  Kicking it with friends was fantastic and Kiawah Island during off season was amazing.  Felt like we had the place to ourselves at times.

Sunrise on Kiawah Island
Masterful pillow chopping technique at the Sanctuary Hotel.  Yea…pillow chopping is a real thing.
Gators on the golf course – look out!
Drinks overlooking the Ocean Course on Kiawah Island.
Looking for sleeping cleaning people in the restroom closet at the Ryder Cup Bar. (Long story…)
Dolphin off  Wadmalaw Island – woo HOO!
Mossy oak trees towering over Fellowship Hall in Rockville, SC on Wadmalaw Island.
Dreaming of becoming a shrimp boat captain on Wadmalaw Island.

After Kiawah Island I returned to Aiken for the remainder of the holidays.   This was the first Christmas I’d spent with my parents since they’d retired to South Carolina.

The Christmas Hunt.  My mom on Gresham, left, and Julie and Munchie, right.

It was great fun to see the vast Christmas decorations collection my parents have accumulated on display. It takes weeks to get them all up and then take them all down.

The rents with a fraction of the Christmas decorations.

Poor Roo got caught up in holiday shenanigans.

Roo as Max in our rendition of the Grinch.
Roo is pretty sure I just received the best Christmas present ever.

As the holidays and year came to a close I was feeling a little antsy and on New Year’s Day I opened a card from my aunt and got a good reminder of what this whole road trip is about.

Word up, Helen.

I packed up the van and set out on January 2nd, heading south towards Florida, hoping to find some warm, sunny weather.  More on that soon.



2 thoughts on “Road Report #12 – Holidays in South Carolina”

  1. Hi Kristen

    Thanks for sharing … I love that you have chosen to take the trip of a lifetime … I too can really appreciate the card from your aunt

    I’m trying to convince my husband to sell everything and spend 1 yr RV’ing the U.S. Have quite convinced him yet

    Loved your xmas rendition of Grinch / Max

    Hope you’re having a great time in Florida


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